About Us

Letovsky Real Estate Corporation is a multilevel real estate company. The company has a group that invests and acts as a principal for related transactions. We also act as advisors and brokers for different clients.

Clifford Letovsky, President of Letovsky Real Estate Corporation has been in business for over 35 years and has concluded hundreds of millions of dollars worth of commercial investment property deals in Canada, the United States, and in the UK.

We specialize in the sale of ground leases, single tenant net leased properties and other investment  income producing real estate.

Among the favored investments are ground leases (the buying and selling of the ground under a building, subject to a lease from the building) and leveraged zero cash flow deals (typically high credit, bond-type net leased properties where debt has been arranged that used up all the cash flow from the property for the term of the tenant’s lease). We are particularly interested in these transactions and encourage those interested in buying and/or selling such assets to contact us.


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